Best Live Casino Real Money Guide USA

Best Live Casino Real Money Guide USA
Best Live Casino Real Money Guide USA

In the world of the online gambling world, we have what we call live casinos. Live Casinos are part of the latest trend in the world of online gambling casino games.  Live casino dealer games are very fun and easy to play. And as such, we have the best Live Casino Dealer Online Gambling Guide.

The aim of this Live Casino Dealer Gambling Guide is to make sure that you have all the casino-related live dealer information. In that regard, we will tell you all that there is for you to know about live casino games online. Gambling sites to play the live dealer games as well as how to play the live casino games. By going through this love casino guide, you will also find the best real money bonuses and promotions that are offered at the best online gambling sites USA.

So do just take a few minutes to read all about real money live casino online gambling games USA. Thereafter, go on to enjoy them at leading online live dealer online gambling websites America.

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USA Most Popular Online Casino Games

What is a Live Casino?

Live Dealer Casinos Explained
Live Casino USA

Live casinos are what we would like to call a hybrid. Before we tell you what they are, allow us to give you a history lesson on online gambling sites.

Before real money online gambling sites like casinos online, there were what were called land-based casinos. These are of course the casinos that we gamble at in Las Vegas and Maryland. As much as we loved these casinos, we got a bit tired of always going there every time we wanted to play. That is what brought about online casinos.

Online casino gambling sites are the place to be if you want to enjoy a good round of internet gambling games. However, despite this fact, online casino games had one thing missing; that land-based casino experience.

That is where the online live casino USA comes in. These casinos are made such that you can enjoy them online but with that land-based experience. This land-based casino feel comes in the form of the live dealer who will deal the cards to you. Hence the name live dealer casinos.

Live Dealer vs Online Casino Games

  1. People often wonder about the differences between live casino games and other online casino gambling games. That is when thought it would be nice to see what each of the online gambling games offers you as a player.
  2. With live dealer games, players get to enjoy all the land-based casino benefits, but in the comfort of their homes. And with online gambling casino games, players have a greater game range, this as compared to the few games that are offered at live online gambling sites USA.
  3. Players at live casinos get to interact with other players as they play the games on the web. They can even have a chat with the dealer as they play and place their gambling bets. This is not something that you can do at an online casino gambling site. However, casino gambling sites online also have the advantage that they offer lower bets as compared to live dealer casino games.
  4. Live dealer casino games are the perfect bridge for players who are put off by the mechanic online casino games. But the online casino has greater bonuses as compared to the live dealer games. Therefore, if you are one who loves the real money bonuses offered at online gambling casino USA sites, then you will love to gamble at online web casinos.
  5. Live dealer casino games are played at the pace that is set by the dealer. Therefore, the whole game, as well as how the gambling bets online are placed is determined by the dealer. While with online casino games, players play at their speed. By this, we mean that when playing virtual casino gambling games, you have buttons that you need to click and the game begins. Therefore, since it is you that control the game, you also control the speed as well.
  6. Live dealer casinos have limited games. This is because these online gambling game sare still a bit new. Therefore not too many games software providers make them. And as the gambling game range is limited. As for online casino gambling games, they tend to be a bit to too mechanic and take out the feel of real casino gaming. Mechanic in the sense that the casino gambling online are operated by machinery as such they lack that human fell that one gets when the gamble at live casinos. 

Reasons to Play at Live Casinos Online

Reasons to Play at Live Casinos Online
Reasons to Play at Live Casinos Online

There are several reasons why online gamblers in the USA would opt for a live casino. These reasons revolve around the fact that these live dealer casino gambling online sites have the best of both worlds. That is, they have the best elements from online casinos as well as the best elements of land-based casinos.

Live dealer casinos are now part of the best games in the iGaming business. It is due to these live dealer casino gambling sites that players have been brought closer to the land-based casino experience. These casinos have helped even those who do not have land-based casino enjoy the great feeling of being at a casino.

As for those who have never stepped foot in land-based casinos, the live casino gambling sites are the option to do so. The only thing is that the casino will be where you choose to play. Be it you are playing a live dealer online casino game in the living room, that is your land-based casino for that day.

Some of the other reasons why one would opt for live casino play include:

  1. It draws you closer to the land-based casino experience and feeling
  2. Players can interact with the dealer as they enjoy the live dealer gameplay on the internet gambling casino sites
  3. For some players, they feel they have odds than depending on the random number generators.
  4. Live casino payouts are general fasters as compared casino games
  5. The set up of a live dealer casino allows more than one player to enjoy the games. Meaning that a number of players can all enjoy the games just as they would at a land-based casino.

However as great as the games are, there are a few drawbacks that come with playing at live casinos

  1. The games played will depend on internet connection. Therefore if you have a slow connection, your games will load slowly
  2. There are some dealers who are difficult to understand.
  3. The gameplay can be expensive as compare to other casino games.

Special Features of Live Dealer Casino Online Gambling Sites

Live dealer casinos make sure that they give their players the best experience as they play. Below, we will take at some of the special features that you will find as you play at state of the art live casino online gambling site USA.

  1. Multi-game interface

    Some online casino offer the chance to play at more than one table at a time. At most, players can play at up to 3 tablets at the same time.
  2. Basic Strategy play

    Should your game go offline as you play, the game does not stop. What kicks in the basic strategy gameplay. Such that the player will be continued using the basic strategy. This is usually done in live blackjack games.
  3. Multiple Cameras

    To get the best live casino experience, you need to feel as if you are at the land-based casino yet you are not there. That is why some online casinos have multiple cameras positioned from the side, a close up view as well as surround picture. That way you really feel like you are at the casino.

Online Live Casino Game Play

Online Live Casino Game Play
Online Live Casino Game Play

A live casino gives players an experience that is similar to that of land-based casinos. However, adding the online part, it gets way better. Such that live dealer online casino US players can enjoy a vast majority of gambling games.

This live dealer casinos experience is all thanks to the great innovations in the iGaming industry. Thanks to the advancements in technology, online casino gambling games are able to stay in touch with modern-day technology developments.

As a player, when you choose to play at a live casino you will get the chance to enjoy the world’s best table games. These games include Live Dealer Roulette, Live Dealer Baccarat, Live Dealer Blackjack, to mention but a few.

To kickstart the gaming action players need to select an online live dealer casino USA. This they can do easily by going through our casino reviews. As we have taken the time to select the best live dealer casino sites that you can enjoy the games from.

Thereafter, all that you need to do is log in, place your bet and let the games begin. Make sure that your internet connection is very strong as these games require vast amounts of broadband connection.

Free Live Dealer Gambling Games

Free Live Dealer Gambling Games
Free Live Dealer Gambling Games

When it come sot online casino games, most gambling sites on the web will give players the option to play the games for free. And this is usually the norm when you get to an online casino, you sign up and then rush for the free play before you play for real money.

This is as we want to see if we will enjoy the game before we play it, and there is honestly there is no crime when doing that. Besides, you will be spending real money so you want to make sure that you put it to use. You want to make sure that when you play, you have the right choice.

Free play casino games give the online casino as well as the software provider the chance to show what they have to offer you. It is like the deciding factor as to whether you always play at that online casino or you will pack your bags and go.

However, it is a little different when it comes to live gambling games. This s as each table has a wage-earning dealer sitting there or spinning the wheel. As a result, live casino games are far more expensive to set up as compared to regular online casino games.

That being said, it is very rare to find any live casino game that you can play for free. This is as by playing for free, you may be blocking a potential real money player. As such, most software prices and online casino do not offer free live dealer games. Therefore, if you want to play live gambling casino games online, you will have to log in and deposit first.

Best Live Dealer Casino USA

Finding the best gambling online live dealer casino games to play at is easy as long as you know what to, look for t the casino where you want to play. That being said, we have few tips to help you find the best online gambling live dealer casinos and live casino games in the USA.

  1. Games Available

    Be it you are looking for just one live casino to play or you are looking for the full set of games offered, you need to check to see what game are available at the site. The number of live casino games that the site offers needs to be something that you should consider when you are looking for a live dealer casino to play at.

  2. Software Appearance

    The software appearance will affect the way that you play live gambling games. Players need to consider how the background behind the table is, as well as how friendly the dealer is. This is as to how the site looks will also affect pour gameplay. Alongside this, you want to make sure that the site you are playing at is safe and secure.

  3. Minimum and Maximum Bets

    Players need to also check how much they need to play at the site, while most gambling sites offer live dealer games ranging from $5 to about $100, there are some that require larger amounts of money to play. Bearing that mind, players need to check to see if they can afford to play at the site. It would be a shame to find the live casino site of dreams only to find that you can not afford to play there.

  4. Device Compatibility

    What will you use to play the live casino games? will you be using a Mac, PC or maybe a tablet or smartphone? You need to ask and t yourselves all these questions, that way you know what type of site to look for.  You need to find a site that is compatible with the device that you want to use.

  5. Supported languages:

    At live casinos, it is fun if you can hear what the dealer is saying and if you communicate effectively. That is why you need to make sure that you get a gambling site that supports English. As obvious as this may seem, there is some good live casino, but whose primary language is no English. Therefore, check for the language before you signup and play.

  6. Dealer Standard

     With live dealer games, the dealer is everything. So make sure that the online gambling site where you chose to play live games has good dealers. This is terms of appearance as well the way that they interact with you. You don’t to be playing with a dealer who has a bad day.

    Not all online casino gambling game providers make live casino games. There are some who specialize in online table games. While others major in online slots and slot machines. In the same manner there those whose speciality is live dealer games. However, there are also those who make all these types of games.

  7. Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming is one of the best when it comes to live casino games. The company was launched in 2006. This company has since worked on creating a reputation as the leading creator of live dealer games. This is due to the fact that they only make top web-based gambling live dealer games USA. As a result, they are part of the best in business.

    The company employs over 800 dealers who speak various languages, all for the players gaming pleasure.

    All the top live casino games can be played at casinos that are operated by this software.

  8. NetEnt

    NetEnt is also regarded to be part of leading live casino software providers in the industry. Unlike Evolution Gaming, NetEnt makes all sorts of casino games, including online lost and online table games. They also, however, have a very interesting live dealer casino gambling games selection.

    Players can enjoy all the live dealer great games like Live European Roulette and Live French Roulette to mention but a few.

  9. Playtech

    Playtech is another great creator of live gambling games at web casinos. And just like NetEnt, they make all sorts of casino games. Players can enjoy unlimited Blackjack selections when they play at Playtech live dealer casinos.

    Players can enjoy great real money prizes when they play at any live dealer casino.

Best Live Casino Online Gambling Games

Best Live Casino Online Gambling Games
Best Live Casino Online Gambling Games

Live dealer online gambling games are mainly casino table games.

This is because these are the games that involve dealer interaction.

When it comes to slots, players can just spin the reels by themselves.

This is different from the table that needs a dealer for the game to be more exciting.

Below, we shall look at the leading internet live dealer games.

  1. Live Dealer Blackjack

    Online blackjack is always a joy to play, just imagine how much more exciting the game is when you add a live dealer to it. Live blackjack is part of the many live dealer games that you can play at online casinos that offer you live casino games.

    Live dealer Blackjack is actually the most popular live dealer casino game out there. Maybe this is because of the 2:3 payout that comes when you are dealt an Ace and card with the value of 10.

  2. Live Dealer Roulette

    The second runner up is Live Roulette. There are 3 main versions of roulette that can be played via live dealer gambling site, namely American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette. Before you begin the game, make sure that you are aware of the version of the roulette gambling game that you are playing.

  3. Live Dealer Baccarat

    Punto Banco or Live Baccarat is also among the live dealer games that players can enjoy. Live baccarat is not that loved as compared to the other two. However, this does not mean that people don’t enjoy the game. That is why there are also live dealers who will be more than willing to play the game with you.

  4. Live Dealer Sic Bo

    Live Sic Bo is a growing trend. Though it was not part of the first live dealer games, it is now growing onto people. During the game, the dealer will roll 3 dice and the player will bet on the outcome.

  5. Live Dealer Casino Holdem

    When it comes to the many versions of live dealer poker, the most loved is Live Hold’em. This is a thrilling internet gambling game that players enjoy. And just like all the other games, all that you have to do is beat the beat dealer and you win.

Live Casino Dealer FAQs

How can I find the best live dealer casino games USA?
All that you need to do is to go to the gambling website, most web casinos have a section that is dedicated to live casino games. They will either labelled as live dealer or live casino games. For some games, players need to be ready to download the software to play the games.
Can I view the live casino gambling games before I play?
Most online casinos may allow you to view the games before you play them. However, there are some will need you to need to deposit before you view them.
How do I join a game to play in live casinos?
As soon as you have found the game that you want to play, all that you need to is click on it. Thereafter, you buy the chips and place your bet. You will be dealt into the game just it would be at casinos.
What is the difference between live dealer gambling games and regular gambling casino games?
The main difference is the experience that you get when you play. Despite the fact that you will be playing from a device, you will still get to view the cards that you will be dealt, watch the dealer as well as interact with other players when you play.
How may live dealer casino games can you play at a time?
Players can usually play one game at a time. However, you may be able to open up another type of casino game.
Can I play live dealer gambling games on my phone?
Most online casino will offer regular casino games to play on their mobile phone. However, there are very casinos that offer player live dealer internet gambling games. This, however, does not mean that players cannot find any casinos that offer live casino games to play on their mobile device.
What happens when the connection drops during live dealer gameplay?
When you play at live dealer gambling site and your connection drops, the hand will still be dealt in accordance with the casino’s disconnection policy. Your balance, as well as the funds from whether you win or lose, will be reflected in your account.