About Us
About Us

Welcome to Casino Hype.

Due to the fact that you are on this page, means that you want to know a bit more the site and what it really holds.

And we will be more than willing to tell you all there is to know.

Who We Are

To be honest I am an online casino game enthusiast. Who despite their love of the games, could never really win at them. That did not stop me from playing them though. and it was all the play that I discovered I was a master at teaching them and I could teach anyone, and when I say anyone mean anyone about the games. Talk of online baccarat, online blackjack, online poker and online slots. If it was real money online casino games, I could teach you about it.

Why I Created Casino Hype

I hope that the name of the site will be able to tell you the reason why I created the site. This is because I had hype for online casino games. I loved to play online casino games. Be it for real money and for the fun. Mainly for real money, to be honest. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to document my experiences with the world. As we all know that the iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. And as a result, online casino USA are also growing.

So, I just wrote about the best online casinos to play at. As well as the best online slots to play and the best table games to play as well. That way, despite the growing industry, you are still able to get your self a great online casino. That will offer you a no deposit no registration no download USA.

What We Have in Store For You

On the site, I have what we would to call the best online casino information in the USA. As we have mentioned above, we have online slot reviews and online table game reviews. Not forgetting, live dealer game reviews. All of which were written after a few rounds of play. We also have various strategies that we tried out as we played the games. Because we all know that once you hear about a strategy to help you win real money you can’t help but try it out. Were these strategies helpful? To be honest, some were and some not so much. Maybe it was because we didn’t use them the right way, who knows. But at least we tried them out.

We also look at online casino reviews.  Online casinos are growing in number in the USA. And as a result, we know that we all want a safe online casino to play at. One that is legit and will not defraud you. We also looked at various online casino banking methods. These are methods Americans can use to deposit at online casinos as well as withdraw at online casinos.

Why You Should Trust Us?

Why You Should Trust Us?
Why You Should Trust Us?

Telling someone that we have the best information is not enough to inspire trust. So we want to try a different approach. One of the main reason why you trust us as Casino Hype is because we genuinely love to play online casino games. We love the thrill that comes with the games as well as the real money to be won of course. And that is the honest truth.

So do take time and go through our site, we can guarantee that you will be quite fascinated.