VIP Benefits Guide

VIP Benefits Guide
VIP Benefits Guide

This VIP benefits guide is designed to let you know everything that you need to know about the benefits that are offered to VIP players at online casinos.

All online casinos offer some benefits that are exclusive to their VIP players.

Some of the VIP benefits include cashback, faster payouts, bonuses and promotions, no wagering requirements, birthday gifts, higher deposit limits, higher withdrawal limits, and so much more.

What is a VIP Program?

A VIP program is designed by online casinos to reward their loyal high-roller players. To decide who qualifies to be a VIP player, casinos consider things such as deposit amounts, betting amounts, as well as playing patterns. Additionally, betting sites will also look at how much time the player spends wagering and playing games at the casino. Therefore, a VIP program is designed to motivate gamblers to keep betting real money and, climb up the ladder.

How Do I Become a VIP Player?

Being a VIP player comes with many great benefits. Therefore, a lot of people do all that they can to become one. If you have ever wondered how you can become an Elite member, below are a few steps to follow.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is sign up at an online casino. Make sure that you sign up at a legit casino to avoid being scammed or losing your money. After you have done so, you should make your first deposit and start wagering real money. As you keep betting real money, you will advance up the different tiers available until you become a VIP member.
  2. There is also another easy way to become a VIP player. This is by being recommended by another player. However, the player that recommends you also has to be a VIP player. When you’ve been recommended, you will be evaluated by the casino to see if you qualify to be a VIP member.

iii. Lastly, you can become a VIP member by playing and betting more. The online casino will take a look at things such as how long you’ve been with the casino as well as your gaming routines and patterns. If you have been loyal enough, you will automatically become a VIP member.

There is one simple fact that you must know concerning becoming a VIP member: you will have to make frequent and higher deposits, as well as bet big, to become an Elite member. Once you’ve become a VIP player, you’re guaranteed to receive some nice perks that only a few other players get to experience.

Types of VIP Programs

Casinos on the web offer different types of VIP programs. These may differ from casino to casino. However, there are usually three main categories, which are:

  1. Tiered VIP Programs

    This is the most common type of VIP program and is also known as the classical casino VIP program. Normally, it comes in different distinctive levels. These are;


    These levels differ from casino to casino and will come with themes and names that match the casino. The more that you wager, the higher that you climb up the ladder. Each of the levels comes with its own benefits that are unique to it. This includes some birthday gifts, free spins, cash backs, and many others.

  2. Unofficial VIP Programs

    This type of VIP program is exclusive to high rollers. These are the players that usually receive special treatment from the casino sites. Usually, there is a connection between the player and an account manager assigned to the player. High Roller players are eligible to receive some unique promotions that are exclusive to them only.

  3. Prize VIP Programs

    This type of VIP program works the same way as the two mentioned above. However, the only difference is that how you proceed through the levels will depend on the awards that you receive throughout gameplay. That means you can only advance further as you level up. In order to level up, you will need to bet big, thereby becoming a leader.

    It should be noted that every casino has its own way of rewarding VIP points. At the same time, the most common way of rewarding VIP points is through the number of deposits that you make as well as the amount of money that you wager.

    That is, you will receive a point if you bet a pre-set amount. For example, you will get one point for every $5 that you wager. In addition, the number of points that you receive per set amount of money will also depend on the casino game that you play. That said, it should also be noted that table games contribute less to VIP points than slots.

    When it comes to VIP rewards that are based on deposits, a player can only become a VIP member after depositing a certain amount of money.

What Can I Expect from a VIP Program?

There are a number of exciting benefits that you can receive as a VIP member. Below are some of the benefits to expect.

  1. Match Bonuses

    This is a very common bonus that even normal players are familiar with. When it comes to VIP match bonuses, the most common ones are high roller bonuses, as well as monthly VIP bonuses and weekly VIP bonuses. Each time that you reload your account, you will receive a match bonus. The exciting thing is that high roller match bonuses are much higher than normal match bonuses. Additionally, the wagering requirements are much lower.

  2. Free Bonuses

    This is commonly awarded when you have reached a new level. Normally, they come in the form of free spins and free cash.

  3. VIP Rewards at Online Casinos

    For being a VIP player, you will receive many freebies. This does not depend on the deposits that you make or how much you wager. Instead, you just receive them because you are a VIP player. Great examples of these rewards are listed below.

  4. Cashback Offers

    A lot of players love receiving free cash and because of that, this is one of the most popular VIP rewards out there. What happens with cashbacks is that online casinos will offer back the percentage of the player’s aggregated losses. Usually, this reward doesn’t come with any wagering requirements. However, you must check for this information, as it may vary from casino to casino.

  5. Gifts

    Now and again, VIP members will receive gifts that are exclusive to them. These may come in the form of a birthday gift, weekly gift, monthly gift, or gifts that you are awarded each time that you level up. Online casinos even offer special trips to their high rollers.


VIP benefits will definitely boost your bankroll and make your gaming experience a pleasurable one. For this reason, you must strive to become a VIP member.