Madison LeCroy
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Madison LeCroy announced her engagement to boyfriend Brett. She said that she did not hesitate to accept the proposal when Brett popped the question on October 8.

However, LeCroy and her boyfriend Brett had been dating for the past seven months.

How the Engagement of Madison LeCroy Happened

Madison LeCroy
Madison LeCroy

“Oh my God,” says Madison LeCroy. ‘I’m ecstatic, and it feels like I have been tiring to hold it in for a long time. And it has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.”

 This is because they are looking forward to everything being just right.

She said that she’d never done anything like that before and this was her first time as a bride.

Moreover, Madison LeCroy said that she and Brett come from huge families. So, if they can, they’ll try to keep it under a hundred guests, which will be difficult.

LeCroy first revealed her new relationship in June, after previously hinting that she was dating someone special.

The reality personality captioned many Instagram photographs of herself and Brett enjoying a boat ride with the hashtag ‘Madhappy”.

How Madison LeCroy Fell In Love with Her Husband-to-Be Brett

In the same month, the Southern Charm star confessed that she fell in love with Brett after one date.

Furthermore, she said that she did not know him at this time. But after the first date, things quickly developed into a serious relationship. She also said that they have been together pretty much non-stop since then.

After her marriage to Josh Hughes ended in 2015, LeCroy confessed three months later that she wouldn’t mind marrying again.

However, Madison LeCroy said that it simply didn’t work out the first time around. So, she is hoping that the second time with her fiancé Brett is going to work out.

However, LeCroy had the impression that her bond with Brett was one of a kind.

Last month, she added that it is great to have someone who respects you as much as she respects him. She said that she finally feels like she has grown up and found a man.

Madison LeCroy’s Dating History on Southern Charm

Although they don’t reside in the same city, LeCroy says that going on vacations to see each other keeps her in this honeymoon phase.

In honor of her amazing engagement news, LeCroy moreover discussed her Amazon Livestream. This is where her fans will get to see some of her favorite Amazon Fashion products perfect for bridal showers.

She said that she is ready for the two bachelorette parties she’s going to have.

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