Kevin Hart's Foot Race Lands Him in a Wheelchair
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In a comical turn of events that left his fans both entertained and concerned, comedian Kevin Hart recently challenged former NFL running back Stevan Ridley to a foot race. With Hart standing at 5-foot-2 and Ridley boasting a professional sports background, the odds seemed stacked against the diminutive comedian. Little did anyone anticipate that this friendly competition would land Hart in a wheelchair, sharing his misadventure with his 178 million Instagram followers. Let’s look at Kevin Hart’s Foot Race to know what exactly transpired.

Kevin Hart's Foot Race Lands Him in a Wheelchair

The Hilarious Post-Race Recap

Following his less-than-ideal performance on the track, Hart took to Instagram to share a light-hearted and expletive-laden post-race media conference. With a mix of humour and self-deprecation, he recounted his perspective of the event and the aftermath of his less-than-successful attempt at a 40-yard dash. The phrase “welp, it’s bad” became the recurring theme of his address, emphasizing just how far from good the situation had turned out.

Age vs. Athleticism: The Culprit Behind the Debacle

While Hart playfully blamed his age for the unexpected outcome, he was quick to assert that his athletic prowess wasn’t to blame. He described himself as “really fast,” but stressed that the age of 40 had proven to be quite real. In a candid moment, he advised his audience to respect the power of age, lest it remind them of its presence in less-than-subtle ways.

Putting the Record Straight and Calling Out the Challenge

Hart took the opportunity to set the record straight, ensuring that he shared the story before Ridley could do so. He confessed that he had called Ridley out to a race amidst a heated debate during a barbecue, setting the stage for their unexpected showdown.

Laughter and Support from Fellow Celebrities

The mishap didn’t go unnoticed by Hart’s celebrity friends. The comments section of his post was filled with laughter and well-wishes from the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Will Smith. Even Ridley chimed in, playfully referring to legendary quarterback Tom Brady’s age-defying feats.

The Irony of Hart’s Fitness Advocacy

Kevin Hart’s passion for fitness is well-known, as evidenced by his partnership with Nike on the “Hustle Hart” cross-trainers in 2016. On “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” in 2020, he expressed his desire to inspire and motivate people through physical fitness. Despite his current setback, Hart’s commitment to his fitness mission remains steadfast.


In an unexpected twist of fate, Kevin Hart’s Foot Race escapade turned into a lesson in humility and the unpredictability of life. The incident showcased Hart’s ability to find humour even in the face of setbacks, and his fans eagerly await his recovery and inevitable comedic take on the ordeal. As he takes time to heal, Hart’s mishap serves as a reminder that life’s most humorous moments often arise from the unlikeliest of circumstances.

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