Great Reasons to Use an Android Phone
Use an Android Phone
Use an Android Phone

There is no denying the fact that Android phones are the most popular around the world.

This is because there are so many astonishing reasons why someone decides to use an Android phone.

Android phones have the biggest market share as compared to other mobile software.

This is mainly because they are so easy to use. In this post, we discuss some of the reasons why most users prefer Android over other mobile brands.

APP Distribution

There are so many app developers on the market and it’s so easy for them to publish their apps on Android. This is mainly because Android allows third-party app stores on its phones. This comes as a great advantage to users as it means that they have a plethora of apps to choose from.


Perhaps the biggest reason why Android has the most users is the fact that the operating software is so cheap to buy. Again, this is a great advantage to users as it also means that the phones are much cheaper to buy. In addition, users are guaranteed of getting the best apps, as well as speeds at such a great price.

Customizable UI

When users buy gadgets, they want to feel a sense of entitlement. With Android, this is possible as Android phones have a customizable User Interface (UI). For this reason, users can customize it however they want. There are so many widgets that users are able to add to their home screens.

Open Ecosystem

Google Play Store is the official app store and comes as standard on Android phones. However, there are so many other app stores that are available. This, as mentioned earlier, allows users to download whichever third-party apps they want. This means Android gives users the option to choose what they want.


Above, we have mentioned the many great reasons why you should use an Android phone. There are so many other astonishing reasons why an Android phone is much better to use, including the fact that they are very fast. This allows you to play your online casino games without any problems.

Use an Adroid Phone FAQ

What tasks can I complete with an Android phone?

There are so many tasks that you will be able to do with an Android phone. These include making and receiving calls, take photos and videos, check your email, edit photos and videos, stream videos and music, create to-do lists, and more.


Is an Android phone better than an iPhone?

Android phones beat iPhones in the fact that they are so much easier to use and are flexible. They also provide better functionality as compared to iPhones. iPhone tends to be limited in terms of apps, which makes an Android phone much better.


Do Android phones have good batteries?

If you use your phone for a number of things, you will find that the battery will not last much. However, Android phones have evolved and now come with better batteries that last. It helps to do your research before you buy so that you find an Android phone with the best battery.

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