US to Relax Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Foreign Travelers in November

The United States will reopen in November to air travelers who are completely vaccinated against COVID 19. Some of the foreigners allowed to travel are those coming from countries like China, India, Brazil, and many more. This was according to the White House, lifting harsh pandemic-related restrictions that began early last year.

Why Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers were Relaxed

The travel restrictions were announced by White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients.

Moreover, many other countries had already lifted such limitations, thus the move was hailed by allies. Travelers from much of the world, including thousands of foreign people with families, have been excluded under US restrictions.

US to Relax Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Foreign Travelers in November
US Set to Relax Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Foreign Travelers in November

The US will accept fully vaccinated air travelers from the 26 European Schengen countries. These include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, and many more. Non-US citizens who visited such nations during the last 14 days have been excluded under the unprecedented US restrictions.

Confinements on non-US citizens were first imposed on air travelers from China in January 2020 by former President Donald Trump. And after that amplified to handfuls of other nations, without any clear measurements for how and when to lift them.

Furthermore, Zients didn’t give an exact start date for the new rules beyond saying early November. And many details of the new approach are still being decided.

Separately on Monday, the Joined together States expanded its pandemic-related limitations at arriving borders with Canada and Mexico. It gave no sign on the off chance that it would apply the unused immunization rules to those arrive border intersections.

The US has permitted foreign air travelers from more than 150 nations all through the pandemic. Critics said made small sense since few countries with high COVID 19 rates were not on the confided list. While a few on the list had the widespread more beneath control.

In addition, COVID 19 vaccine requirements will presently apply to nearly all foreign nationals flying to the US. This includes those not subject to the earlier confinements.

US Set to Relax Travel Restrictions Basing it on Science

Airlines in America, an industry exchange gather, said that through August, worldwide air travel was down 43% from pre-pandemic levels.

Final Word from CDC on Vaccines Accepted

Foreign nationals will have to display proof of vaccination before travel and will not be required to isolate on arrival. The White House said the ultimate choice on what vaccines would be acknowledged is up to the US CDC. However, CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC pointed to its earlier direction when inquired what vaccines it’ll accept. It considers someone completely vaccinated with any FDA authorized vaccines and any vaccines that the WHO has authorized.

Jeff Zients said that the new framework would incorporate collecting contact tracing information from travelers traveling into the US. Ding this will empower the CDC to contact travelers exposed to COVID 19.

The organization has been considering imposing vaccine requirements for foreign internationals since May 2021, authorities said.


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