Penny Slots

real money penny slots
Penny slots

Penny slots, though not part of real money online casino games are quite fascinating. In the USA, a penny is the lowest denomination of currency. Therefore, penny slots are real money slot machines that are played for the least possible amount.

As Casino Hype, we took our time to look into penny slots and what they have in store for real money gamblers in the USA.

As we did so, we found out so much about them and as always we are more than willing to share that information with you.

What are Penny Slots?

Penny slot machines are just they sound as these are slots games whose bet sizes start from a penny. Therefore you can imagine the numbers of people that flock to play these games. These games seem to be more affordable as compared to rest of the game that a player will access to as they play.  However, there is more to them than meets the eye.

The Secrets Behind Penny Slots

By the mention of their name, penny slots already sound like the best option if you are one with a low budget. However, these slot machines are not as cheap as they sound. They are in fact a bit socially. Because the minimum bet is a penny, players will bet all the lines, of which this can amount to quite a bit.

It is due to this reason, that real money gamblers need to make sure that they know all about the game that they want to play before they play it. This is true for both land-based and online casinos.

Gamblers in America and beyond should always bear in mind that casinos are in the money making business. Therefore, they should make sure that they read all about the games that they play before they play them.

How Slots Trick Players

Please note that we are not condemning penny slots, we are however making sure that players know all there is to know about them. In that regard, allow us to carry on.

Penny slots have many ways that can get players to get real money. And we will look at some of these ways below.

  1. The cost

    Because of the name, penny slots are thought to be cheaper. As a result, player will play the games without a budget. This is because the cost is so low, so there will fell that there is no need for them to play with a budget.

  2. Payout Percentage

    Another way that these games get the best out of a player is by the payout percenatge. This is because the payout percentage will be a bit lower on these slots. While in online slots games have a RTP rate of 95% and above, these slots have a rate of 75%. Meaning that for every $100 that you wager, you have a chance of winning $75 back. That is of course if you are lucky. Remember in all casino games players have a chance of winning and lossing.

How to Beat the Penny Slots

The best way that you can beat these games is to make sure that you play on a budget. That way, no matter how much the minimum bet is, you know the amount of money that you play with.

Another thing that you can do to beat these games is to play with a time limit. That way, as soon as your time is up, you leave the casino.

In online casinos, players have the option of voluntary exclusion. When they can actually ban themselves from a casino for some time.