Marvel Slots at Top Online Casinos USA

Marvel Slots at casinos online
Marvel Slots

We have all heard about Marvel. Therefore, it is no shock that there are Marvel Slots that players can enjoy at real money online casinos. 

These slots are made from the popular Marvel Comics. These are comics turned into several movies, hence the many real money online slots under this particular theme.

As Casino Hype, we will make sure to tell all there is about the Marvel slots.

As well as, the software developers that create these great real money online slots.

What are Marvel Slots?

As above-mentioned these are real money slots that are based on the thems of Marvel Comics. Marvel comics have been around for many decades. The best part about the M.C.U is that they do not only create superheroes but the supervillains. As a result, the M.C.U franchise has toys, clothes, and TV Series. Therefore, it is no shock that we have Marvel slots as well. This is the only company that has a specific set of slots that are dedicated to it. This shows how much of a big deal the M.C.U is both in the TV world and in real money online casino games.

Companies that Create Marvel Slots

This is because software developers need a license to create these slots, therefore not all companies will be able to get that license.

As a result, there are a few software developers that have the right to create Marvel Slots. A few of those companies include Playtech and Amaya.

Popular Marvel Slots

As we said above, there are very companies that have the right to create Marvel Slots. And form those that have created some of the popular titles include Iron man 2, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, X-Men, The Avengers to mention but a few. These are the popular Playtech titles.

In the Amaya series of Marvel slots, players can find games like Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, The Punisher to mention but a few.

M.C.U Slot Features

Apart from the theme, Marvel Slot features are like all the other features of real money online slots. These include wilds, scatter, free spins and bonus games. Players can play these games both for free and for real money. We would advise that players make sure that they play them for free before they play them for real money. That way they are able to see what the game holds for them.

Graphics of Marvel Slots

When it comes to the graphics, M.C.U real money games are mainly created in 3D and are video slots. This is as slots are based on the TV movies and series of the Cinematic Universe. As a result, players, as they spin the reels on these great real money slots, will find symbols that resemble a popular character from the movies or series that the slot is based on.

The best part about the Marvel Slots is that the creators of these slots put so much care into creating them. Just like they do with other slots themes like Haloween, Farm, and Christmas to mention but a few. They make sure that all the graphics are top notch and the music fits in perfectly with the storyline of the slots. This is such that those who love them will be more than satisfied as they play the slots. As for and those who have no knowledge of Marvel, will through these Slots start to enjoy the Films.