Real Money Classic Slots

real money classic slots
classic slots

Classic slots are a range of real money online casino slots. With online slots being part of the most loved games in the world of online casino gaming. This is because games are very easy to play as well as to understand.

There are several types of online slots that players in the USA can enjoy. Some of these include video slots, progressives, multi-line to mention but a few.

However, on this particular page, we will focus on classic slots. Putting it in human language classic slots are the slot games that gave birth to the rest of the slots that we enjoy today. Therefore the name, classic slots.

What are Classic Slots?

As most of us might already know, online casino games are as a result of the casino games that were played in land-based casinos. The same is also true for slots. They originated from the original arcade slot games. They were then adopted into the online casino games that we play today. Just like the arcade slot machines, online slots come with 3 reels. That is the distinguishing factor for classic online slots.

How do Classic Online Slots Work?

Like all the other online slot games that we love and enjoy, classic slots use a random number generator, RNG. This RNG  is the one that makes sure that the games that we play are fair and not rigged. This technology is also on all the other slots that one find at the casino.

Despite the fact that classic online slots are an adaptation of the arcade machines, the ones that we play offer a much higher payout. This is of cause all thanks to the RNG that we have mentioned before.

Where can I enjoy Classic Slots?

There are several online casinos that offer players the chance to enjoy classic slots. For a more detailed guide on where to find these casinos, we would advise that you visit the review page. On, this page we take at the leading online casino as well all the games that they offer.

Furthermore, most of the software providers who create casino games have a section for classic slots. This is because, despite the fact these slots are a bit old, they offer players that casino feels. As a result, they create these games to make sure that they keep the essence of the casinos alive.

Features of Classic Slots

One thing that sets classic slots apart is the number of reels that they have. While most slots have 5 or more reels, classic slots have 3 reels. That is the distinguishing factor of classic slots. This is the same make that slot machines had.

Another thing that sets classic slots apart are the symbols. One will notice that while other slot games have animated symbols of animals or movie characters, classic shots do not. They, in fact, have fruit symbols like apples and lemons. Another common symbol that one would find in a classic slot is number 7.

These type of slots are also very colorful. The theme is also very Vegas like. As we said earlier despite the fact that we play them online, these games were created to give players the brick and mortar feel of the casino. Therefore in their creation, they always make sure to include the retro theme.

Furthermore classic slots have very limited paylines. These are in most cases fixed paylines. It is very rare to find a classic slot with multi paylines as this would remove the aspect of a classic in the slots.

Classic Slots Strategy

all there is to know about Classic slots
Classic slots

The best about online casino games is that there is always a strategy that you can use to beat them. Well not exactly beat them but attempt to beat them. However please note that you will not always be successful as we said these games are programmed by an RNG that generates the win, therefore do not our all your faith in strategies.

  1. Play for the Lowest Coin Size

    One of the ways that you can use to beat classic slots is by playing for the lowest coin. This will enable yo play for no longer. However, not all games allow you to play for alow coin size, therefore make sure that the game that you have chosen has this option

  2. Set Limits for play

    This is one that that all gamblers have to do. This will allow you to have declined as you play. we know that casino games are very fun to play however one must spend all their playing these games. Therefore one can set a limit for a certain time or for a certain amount of money.

  3. Play for Free

    The best way to get the hang of a game is to play for free. By playing for free you give yourself a training session in can see what to expect when you play for real money.

Popular Classic Slots

As we have given you a few ways on how to play classic slots, we thought it only fair to give you a few games that you enjoy.  

  1. Triple Diamond

    The classic slot was created by IGT for your enjoyment. Triple diamond comes with 9 selectable paylines, that means that it gives you more chances to win. The player will in this game find symbols like bars, 7’s and the classic fruit symbols. Another symbol that you should look out for is the Tripple Diamond as this one holds the key to great real money rewards. Getting 3 matching symbols can win players up to 1199x their bet size.

  2. Mega Joker

    Mega Joker is another popular classic slot created by NetEnt. Despite the fact that this game is played online, it has that old and retro feel that takes you back to Vegas. As you spin the reels on this amazing game symbols that you would expect to find include water, melons, grapes bells to mention but a few.

  3. Break da Bank Again

    Another great thing about these slots is the simplicity that comes with them .and talking of simplicity Break da Bank Again from Microgaming is as simple as they come. The slot comes with 5 paylines and 3 reels, obviously. The Break da Bank Again symbol is the wild that comes with the highest real money rewards. Players are in for simple but rewarding gameplay.


[accordiongroup id=”365″ markup=”default”][accordion group=”365″ title=”Can we play classic slots for free?” active=”true”]Yes, you can play these slots for free. Furthermore, players should play these games for free so that they familiarise themselves with them before they play for real money.[/accordion][accordion group=”365″ title=”Are online classic slots being phased out?” active=””]No, they are not. This is because these slots connect people to the origins of slot games, furthermore every now and again you need a bit of simplicity in your gameplay and this is where simplicity lies.[/accordion][accordion group=”365″ title=”Are classic slots better than video slots?” active=””]That is a matter of personal opinion. Some players may prefer video lost as they come with more system, boys are as well more features. While others just love a good old simple classic casino game. Therefore in terms of which is better that is up to you.[/accordion][accordion group=”365″ title=”Are classic slots progressive?” active=””]Most of these slots are not progressive. However, this will also depend on the game as well as the developer.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]