Online Keno is a game that is based on the lottery. The only difference being that in this game you have more chances of winning that you do when you play the lottery. Furthermore, you get to play the game and know the results almost immediately. Unlike the lottery where you have to wait for a few days before you can find out if you struck gold. Another thing is that you can play online keno at leading online and mobile casinos in the USA.

Why Play Online Keno?

There has always been the question as to why people should play real money online casino games.  We do have a few good reasons why you should play online keno. 

  • It is heavily based on the lottery.
  • The rules are very simple and easy to follow.
  • You can play it in the comfort of your home and not break a sweat.
Play Online Keno
Play Online Keno

Objective of Playing Keno

Before we talk about how to play the game, you need to know what it is that you are playing for. In online blackjack your aim is to get to 21 and over that. In online baccarat you need to bet on a section that is closest to 9. That is simple enough. In keno online it is nothing like the above-mentioned games. This is as the game is purely based on chance and luck like online roulette. In keno online you need to select numbers and hope that they are closest to the numbers that will appear on the screen. As we said, simple.

Gameplay in Keno Online

Before you jump into the game, you need to make sure that you read the rules of the game. That way you know what to do and what not to do. After you have done that, you can follow these easy to play and enjoy a good game of online keno.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself a safe and secure online casino where you can enjoy the game. As you do so, make sure that you look at the variation of online keno that you are playing. 
  2. Upon selecting the keno variation that you want to play, you need to select numbers to form a card. In order to this, you can tap on the numbers or you use the mouse to click on the numbers. Players will be given a certain number of number that they can select for the card. Normally a keno card has about 80 numbers. In most games, the minimum numbers that you can select is 1 while the maximum is 20.
  3. After you have selected the numbers that you want to bet on, you will need to select the amount of money that you want to bet. The amount that you can bet in each number will change from casino to casino, that is why it is important for you to read the rules. Normally the minimum bet is $5 and the maximum is $10. Players can not revert the decision of the number that they want to bet on.
  4. Lastly, you have to wait for the number to be drawn. Players can choose “Play One” or Play Five”. Play One means that the numbers are valid for 1 game, while Play Five means that the numbers are valid for the next five games.