The Witcher: 3 Wild Hunt
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The Witcher: 3 Wild Hunt
Best Action-Packed Xbox Games:

There is a trending question that gamers are asking these days and that is what are the finest games that have been released by Microsoft this year. As a team, we decided to choose these games because of their quality, praise from Xbox fans, and approval amongst our editorial team from Windows Central.

We have made our selection of the best action-packed Xbox games into a list below.

Best Action-Packed Xbox Games

1. The Witcher 3

This is one of the most preferred mythical action-packed Xbox games, you play as a character called Geralt from Rivia, from a clique of warriors known as the Witchers. The World is swarming up with evil spirits, deadly creatures, and curses from the dark side, this was all caused by an event which is known as the Unification of Domains, this unification caused many evil beings to travel between dimensions of good and evil.

It is now up to Geralt and an adventurous being and his love for money to save the world because this is one hero who does not work not hunt for beasts and demons for free.

The Witcher 3 starts in the middle of a conflict between the Southern and the Northern realms from the Nilfgaardian Kingdom, Geralt’s exceptional place as a dominant swordsman and man without fear leads him to associate himself with a strange company such as simple residents, archwizards, and powerful royals.

As Geralts is tracking for his espoused daughter Ciri, who went missing as she thought of taking a deadly trip of her own planning, he is caught in the political misunderstanding between the Northern and Southern nations.


  • Fierce combat
  • Satisfying story with many characters
  • Striking graphics in a vast environment


  • The battle can get repetitive

2. Doom Eternal

This is one of the best Xbox shooter games trending in 2021, Doom eternal is filled with a lot of demons abolishing action. The game starts in a future setting where Mars will full of advanced technology and it will be taken over, you play as the character known as the Slayer, a warrior who travels through different dimensions to end evil forces trying to cause trouble and take over settled worlds. In this game, the Slayer will be a first-person shooter.

There is a lot of adventure and creativity packed in the game as there are different types of enemies, characters, and atmospheres as you proceed through different levels.


  • Challenging 1st person shooter game
  • Beautiful graphics matched with thrilling performance


  • Battle mode is weak

3. Wasteland 3

This is a great example to people who need to gain an understanding of the RPG field in games, it is also a great platform to mix old-school gamers and modern gamers in one game. The game starts as the character will be in a ruined and besieged American environment caused by a Worldwide nuclear-powered war, humankind is about to get extinct and survival is a challenge.

Beasts and war machines are travelling the planet day and night in search of humans to slaughter, the fate of the people is in the hands of the Desert Rangers who were trained by the military Department of the U.S., the Desert rangers have to restore peace and order.


  • An exciting list of characters
  • Decisions made in the game lead to different outcomes in levels


  • The game can be repetitive on some levels

4. Monster Hunter: World

As the title of the game describes the game itself, this game starts in a New World and a crew of researchers is out in the new unexplored land to find information of which species found in their territory can be a threat to both the Humans and the environment. The duty of the Monster Hunter is to defend Humans and the scientific data from beasts that have the potential to destroy humanity and the whole ecosystem

The hero in this game is fabulous for his great battle skills and outstanding weaponry, now the decision is all yours to decide the number of teammates to choose for your adventurous monster hunt and defence for human beings.


  • The game is filled with captivating battle
  • Heroic monsters with great designs


  • The game has a storyline that is hard to understand

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